Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a set-up and take down fee?

There is no extra fee. Set-up and take down is part of our service. 

How much of the music can we (the client) select to be played?

You can select all the music for the me to play if you wish.

However, I am experienced and knowledgeable in many areas of music. I have learned what people generally like to dance to and which songs they will enjoy. My expertise in this area can be very helpful, but the ultimate choice is up to you.

How far in advance should I book a DJ?

Most popular dates book 6-8 months in advance. I have several clients that have booked a year in advance. As with all event planning, the sooner the better.

Will there be extra charges for travel time?

In most cases no. I travel between Paso Robles and Santa Barbara. If  your event is past these areas, I may charge a travel fee.

Will we meet our DJ before the event?

Yes. Both current and potential clients are encouraged to meet with me. Once hired, we will meet to go over the timeline of your event and to select your music.

Will I receive a contract?

Yes. Every client receives a contract. This document details all issues pertaining to your event. A contract protects both of our interests.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Cash, Check, Visa and Mastercard

Do you offer planning & coordination services?

Yes. In addition to DJ services we also offer Full and Day of Coordination. I have several options and levels of service. Contact Lisa Muir for more details.